2009-01-23 The Brief

Contextual Preaching is a helpful post by Ed Stetzer that discusses how to preach the intent of the text with the audience in view.

Pulpit Magazine is back in action, though not on their new website as of yet (see here and here), and Phil Johnson has started things off with a bang in his seven part series on Calvinism.


2008-12-06 The Brief



  • Here is an interesting little map which looks a adoption as a global phenomenon.


  • This chart speaks for itself.
  • Reuters details the current employment situation, as this November American employers cut the most jobs since 1974, here.

SBC Life

The John 3:16 Conference

2008-11-10 The Brief

For a more in-depth analysis and critique of “The John 3:16 Conference,” than in my previous post, I would recommend the links below as Todd Burus has done a fantastic job recounting his experience there.  As before the following list will be updated as Todd adds new posts.  Timmy Brister has also provided a thorough recap of noteworthy blog postings as well as some insights of his own here.

  • Total Depravity by Dr. Paige Patterson and Overview
  • Unconditional Election by Dr. Richard Land
  • Limited Atonement by Dr. David Allen (Part 1)
  • Limited Atonement by Dr. David Allen (Part 2)
  • Irresistible Grace by Dr. Steve Lemke
  • Perseverance of the Saints by Dr. Ken Keathley
  • Final Summary
  • 2008-11-04 The Brief

    As America, and much of the world, awaits the outcome of the election here are two articles that I hope prove to be helpful as you reflect on this election and elections to come. These articles represent a balance that I think is lost in most pulpits around election season when many pastors preach the gospel of this kingdom and abandon the gospel of the Kingdom. I am glad that Piper, Driscoll, and many like them have kept the focus on the true gospel and provided us with a biblical perspective of politics.

    Mark Driscoll – In God We Do Not Trust

    John Piper – Let Christians Vote As Though They Were Not Voting

    2008-10-21 The Brief

    Everything Sexual
    • The Atlantic has published an article that is as hard to read as it is necessary to read.  A Boy’s Life details the lives of several transgender children as well as various methods of treatment, surgery, and hormone therapy and the debate surrounding it all.
    • This was a very hard read especially when you consider that these are children. I do not know any children who are going through this nor can I imagine a place in culture where a four year old desires to change his/her gender. Regardless of what I can, or cannot imagine, there are places where this is occurring and such occurrences will be the ever increasing norm.

      My question is what does the gospel have to say to this? If you are a parent how would you respond to your child? If you are a pastor how does this change the church’s mission or how does the church’s unchanging mission address these issues?

    • In a similar vein Al Mohler has done a series of posts on the gay marriage debate that are worth reading. I appreciate that he points out that while many would argue that it homosexuality is normative that if one views this issue from a global perspective that “same-sex marriage is, by any measure, the exception rather than the rule.” I am not particularly interested in the politics of this debate; however, I do wonder if the only response that followers of Christ have to such a situation is the “opt out.” Your child will be exposed to sex, they will be exposed to it at an early age, and they will be exposed to a wider variety of accepted modes of sexual expression than at any point in US history. As parents desiring to run a gospel-centered home how do you address these issues when they are being raised at such a young age? As pastors how do you equip parents to address such pressing issues?
    • So, What’s Really at Stake in the Gay Marriage Debate? Part One
      So, What’s Really at Stake in the Gay Marriage Debate? Part Two