2009-01-23 The Brief

Contextual Preaching is a helpful post by Ed Stetzer that discusses how to preach the intent of the text with the audience in view.

Pulpit Magazine is back in action, though not on their new website as of yet (see here and here), and Phil Johnson has started things off with a bang in his seven part series on Calvinism.


3 thoughts on “2009-01-23 The Brief

  1. Hey Keith — found you on Facebook, and now your blog, which looks to be a perfect addition to my RSS feed reader. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying Johnson’s articles one by one, especially because the first has such a scintillating headline: “Part I: Is Arminianism damnable heresy?” Thanks!

  2. Dr. Ransom is my web-handle, based on C.S. Lewis’s lead character who travels to other planets from the “Space Trilogy.”

    I have many, many feeds on my Sage reader … yet most of the time I just go directly to the sites (Desiring God, Pyromaniacs, some political sites and friends’ blogs). I also keep up with comments and items (including mine) at Speculative Faith. …

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