Believe It or Not I Still Blog

Below are the posts I have written for our church blog, provPRESS, over the past year. I have been writing several posts for Missio Dei that will be up soon as well as a 24 week Bible study that should be completed this summer. I hope the following posts will tide you over in the mean time.


The 2009 SBC Convention

I have one reflection from this year’s convention. You need to watch David Platt’s sermon from the Pastors Conference. It was a profoundly encouraging message and an extremely challenging one. I hope that its challenge weighs heavily on the hearts and radically reshapes the ministry of all who were present. The video is available here.

If you are interested in other’s reflections on the convention I would recommend the following posts by Timmy Brister:

The Temptations of Christ

Below is a three part series by Dr. Russell Moore on the temptations of Christ from the chapel services at SBTS. Dr. Moore’s biblical-theological understanding of Scripture always provides keen insights that you will not find anywhere else. These sermons are as insightful as they are convicting I hope that you enjoy them and share your thoughts.

2009-01-23 The Brief

Contextual Preaching is a helpful post by Ed Stetzer that discusses how to preach the intent of the text with the audience in view.

Pulpit Magazine is back in action, though not on their new website as of yet (see here and here), and Phil Johnson has started things off with a bang in his seven part series on Calvinism.