Believe It or Not I Still Blog

Below are the posts I have written for our church blog, provPRESS, over the past year. I have been writing several posts for Missio Dei that will be up soon as well as a 24 week Bible study that should be completed this summer. I hope the following posts will tide you over in the mean time.


The 2009 SBC Convention

I have one reflection from this year’s convention. You need to watch David Platt’s sermon from the Pastors Conference. It was a profoundly encouraging message and an extremely challenging one. I hope that its challenge weighs heavily on the hearts and radically reshapes the ministry of all who were present. The video is available here.

If you are interested in other’s reflections on the convention I would recommend the following posts by Timmy Brister:

Hott New Blogs

The first up is 7Word Devotions a collaboration between Todd Burus, myself, and several others. The concept is to “offer up a strong prayer or sentiment of who God is and how the knowledge of him makes an impact on you all while staying within the constraints of seven words.” I tend to be verbose so these are a challenge to write. I enjoy reading them because while they are short I think they contain weighty truths that should force you to think.

The second is Reformed Thinking this is a unique site in that it is both a blog and a social networking site. There are numerous individuals collaborating on these posts and I would encourage you to both read and join.

Both of these blogs are linked to your left under the heading “Collaboration,” enjoy.

Concerning Direction

I have been relatively slow with the posts lately, due primarily to my studies at school and work. I am planning to finish up the year with my annual post on books, a Christmas type post, and will hopefully have a thorough review of Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis sometime in the New Year. After these posts I will direct my attention to completing my doctrinal affirmations, here, which will be individually posted for feedback prior to officially going up on the blog. I hope to resume a fairly consistent schedule after these things are completed; however, if I fail to focus solely on them they would likely never see completion. Thanks for your continuing support and I look forward to your feedback as I work on these things.