2008-11-10 The Brief

For a more in-depth analysis and critique of “The John 3:16 Conference,” than in my previous post, I would recommend the links below as Todd Burus has done a fantastic job recounting his experience there.  As before the following list will be updated as Todd adds new posts.  Timmy Brister has also provided a thorough recap of noteworthy blog postings as well as some insights of his own here.

  • Total Depravity by Dr. Paige Patterson and Overview
  • Unconditional Election by Dr. Richard Land
  • Limited Atonement by Dr. David Allen (Part 1)
  • Limited Atonement by Dr. David Allen (Part 2)
  • Irresistible Grace by Dr. Steve Lemke
  • Perseverance of the Saints by Dr. Ken Keathley
  • Final Summary
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