2008-11-05 The Brief

For all of you wondering what was going on at “The John 3:16 Conference” (learn more here, here, and here) wonder no more.Tim Challies has let Andrew Lindsey guest blog and bring you every juicy detail; and to think that they thought they could simply avoid accountability by refusing to record and broadcast their sermons. The list below will be updated as they are posted on his website.

  • Andrew Lindsey’s reflection on the attendance and the mood @ John 3:16
  • Introduction and Opening Message by Johnny Hunt
  • John 3:16 by Dr. Jerry Vines
  • Total Depravity by Dr. Paige Patterson
  • Unconditional Election by Dr. Richard Land
  • Limited Atonement by Dr. David Allen
  • Irresistible Grace by Dr. Steve Lemke
  • Perseverance of the Saints by Dr. Ken Keathley
  • John 3:16 by Dr. Charles Stanley
  • Question and Answer
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