2009-01-23 The Brief

Contextual Preaching is a helpful post by Ed Stetzer that discusses how to preach the intent of the text with the audience in view.

Pulpit Magazine is back in action, though not on their new website as of yet (see here and here), and Phil Johnson has started things off with a bang in his seven part series on Calvinism.

Driscoll, D. A. Carson, and more Driscoll

Today Justin Tapp e-mailed me a New York Times article on Mark Driscoll that no one seemed to be blogging about. The article, “Who Would Jesus Smack Down?,” was very interesting, although I do not think the author understands Calvinism, church discipline, or John Calvin I appreciated the article and was surprised to find it published in the NY Times.

Also Mark Driscoll posted a video interview with D. A. Carson at The Resurgence, concerning Carson’s book Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson. The video is available here. I really enjoyed the interview and hope to have the book read before school starts back up. Carson’s dad was a church planter and pastor in Quebec where we are hoping to plant churches as well and so the interview was very encouraging.

Concerning Direction

I have been relatively slow with the posts lately, due primarily to my studies at school and work. I am planning to finish up the year with my annual post on books, a Christmas type post, and will hopefully have a thorough review of Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis sometime in the New Year. After these posts I will direct my attention to completing my doctrinal affirmations, here, which will be individually posted for feedback prior to officially going up on the blog. I hope to resume a fairly consistent schedule after these things are completed; however, if I fail to focus solely on them they would likely never see completion. Thanks for your continuing support and I look forward to your feedback as I work on these things.

2008-12-06 The Brief



  • Here is an interesting little map which looks a adoption as a global phenomenon.


  • This chart speaks for itself.
  • Reuters details the current employment situation, as this November American employers cut the most jobs since 1974, here.

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