2008-04-08 The Brief


Biblical Studies:  This fantastic contains numerous journal articles as well as other resources dealing with OT and NT introduction, maps, commentaries, and Biblical Theology.

Theological Studies:  Yes, this website looks similar to the one listed above and is operated by the same individuals.  Only here you will find loads of books and journal articles addressing numerous aspects of theology.  Both of these websites have been a tremendous resource as I write papers and do research for school.

The Cup and the Glory:  The Official The Cup and the Glory website is up and running.  The book, by the same name, was by far the best book I read this past year (please read 2007 A Year in Books for more information) and I am pleased to see the website up and running.  The website is still under development and more information will be added later but I would recommend that you check it out and stay up to date on Dr. Greg Harris’s future publications in this series.

Want to Build a Megachurch?  In the following posts Justin Tapp, both a follower of Christ and an economist, examines church finances as well as some of the “supernatural” causes behind the success of some megachurches.  So far there are four posts in the series with more to come in the future so keep checking his blog for updates.

·         Churches and Finance, Part 1: The Illusion of Blessing?

·         Churches and Finance, Part 2: Should Churches be in Debt?

·         Churches and Finance, Part 3: Where Are Megachurches?

·         Churches and Finance, Part 4: How to Start a Megachurch

Bizarre News

The Polygamy Sect in Texas: I am sure most of you have heard of this by now my question is why do you think individuals are drawn into such sects?


5 thoughts on “2008-04-08 The Brief

  1. Sok,
    Thanks the pop-up thing annoys me too I just thought maybe everyone else liked it or something, why would anyone invent useless stuff right?

  2. Taylor, thanks I am glad someone liked it . . . I am hoping to take some time soon and reformat most of the pages (besides the main page) to ake them more user friendly, and to get that cheesy photo off the aout page!!! Once everything gets updated I will do a post pointing out the new features.

  3. Appreciate your book reviews!

    Just a quick note to let you know I mentioned your blog at mine today. Thanks for mentioning Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. Hope you enjoyed it!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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