2008-03-26 The Brief

It has been almost three months since I have done one of these and I am thankful that Tim Morrison and Justin Sok are always faithful to keep me up to date on all of the latest news since I have not had much time to scour the web lately.


For those of you who do not know Ignite UK recently began podcasting you can visit The Ignite UK Podcast or read “The Joys of Podcasting” for more on this.  For those of you who wish to see all of our sermons and download both MP3’s and PDF files please check out the Ignite UK Sermons webpage and come back as it is frequently updated.


Leaving on a jet plane?  If so your tickets are likely to get cheaper among several other benefits as a result of the “open-skies agreement.”  Foreign Policy has more on this and the declining value of the US dollar over at their blog in a post entitled “Tourism Cage Match: Paris v. Detroit.”


I am not a big fan of politics and have a particular distain for modern evangelicalism’s replacing the kingdom agenda with a political one.  For most of you this is no surprise.  Over at Reformation 21 Rick Phillips, commenting on the Barack Obama – Jeremiah Wright controversy make one of the most profound and succinct statements on the travesty of kingdom politics that I have ever read.

From the article:

Surely the church pulpit is intended for higher and better matters than the small concerns of national politics!  The pulpit is not an institution of the republic, but of the Kingdom, and it’s only legitimate use is the preaching of King Jesus.  Politics should be kept out of the pulpit not merely for reasons of church-state separation, but because the pulpit is for matters of such greater significance.

The article can be read in its entirety here.


Biblical Theology and Justin Martyr: In what I found to be a surprising reminder to read theological works we often take for granted, in light of the new and the novel, Russell Moore shares hermeneutical, biblical theological, and missiological insights gleaned from reading Dialogue with Trypho.

Happenings at Southern Seminary: I really wanted to attend the Gheens Lectures at SBTS this semester but was unable to due to work.  Erickson and Goldsworthy are two of my favorite contemporary authors and they bring immense theological insight to any topic.  Below are the lectures from these two speakers.  Other SBTS audio resources are available here.

Millard Erickson

“Can Theology Learn from History?” (MP3)
“Can Theology Learn from Physics?” (MP3)
“Can Theology Learn from Economics?” (MP3)

Graeme Goldsworthy

“The Necessity and Viability of Biblical Theology”  (MP3) (PDF)
“Biblical Theology in the Seminary and Bible College” (MP3) (PDF)
“Biblical Theology and Its Pastoral Application” (MP3) (PDF)


Earlier this month Russell Moore did a fantastic series on the Great Commission at The Henry Institute. 

Theology Bleeds: Great Commission Emphasis 

Triumph of the Warrior-King: A Theology of the Great Commission, Part 1 

Triumph of the Warrior-King: A Theology of the Great Commission, Part 2 

Triumph of the Warrior-King: A Theology of the Great Commission, Part 3 

Triumph of the Warrior-King: A Theology of the Great Commission, Part 4 

Triumph of the Warrior-King: A Theology of the Great Commission, Part 5


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