Have We Missed Something Significant?

I think we have.  I have scanned the blogsphere over the past couple of days and have found very few evangelicals who have mentioned the historical significance of the past week’s events.  Whether you agree with his political policies or not the nomination of Barack Obama for president is a worldview altering event.  The mindset of Americans, by that I mean all Americans and not just African-Americans, born after this day will be fundamentally different than the worldviews of their parents and grandparents.  Last week CNN posted an article entitled, “Analysis: Obama a symbol of progress, change” which addressed the historical significance of this situation.

From the article:

It has been 145 years since the Emancipation Proclamation, but in the span of a single lifetime much has changed.  The military has been integrated.  The schools have been desegregated.  There was the King march and his assassination.  There have been riots in the streets and breakthroughs in the ranks.  However the politics play out, the country is now where it has never been before.

I am really surprised to learn that so few “evangelicals” have noted the significance of this event and its effect upon the prevailing American worldview.  Regardless of where you stand politically I think this event should cause you to be thankful for the progress that this country has seen in area.  Honestly, I think William Wilberforce would be proud.  I am no expert on history but do not remember him saying anything like “I only want to abolish slavery for those slaves who agree with me in all areas of public policy.”  So lighten up and be thankful that things have changed.  At the same time this primary has served to illumine that in spite of such great strides in this area there is still much that needs to change and with that I would recommend you listen to Thabiti Anyabwile – Bearing the Image: Identity, the Work of Christ, and the Church.

An Addendum:

Thabiti Anyabwile has several great posts up on this very topic check them out.

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There are others I just do not have time to post them all.


4 thoughts on “Have We Missed Something Significant?

  1. If he were a pro-life Republican (like Alan Keyes) then he’d be all over the evangelical blogs. Maybe the evangelicals look beyond race b/c Paul commands us to. The guy’s longtime church is into a theology that seems heretical at times and he is pro-choice. That’s the only mention I’ve seen of him on evanglical blogs.

  2. I hope that I look beyond “race.” But most Americans do not, the concept of race is fundamental to their worldview. For them, or at least the generations that come after them, this event will result in a fundamental difference in the way they see the world. I just hope all of the cultural fundamentalists out there can recognize the difference between a cultural commentary and a political endorsement; I would never endorse politics much less a particular candidate. :)

  3. Honestly, I’m hoping that the evangelical blogosphere just has more important things to write about than politics (for a change).
    I’m hoping they are actually writing about the life of the Church, how to combat sin, how to encourage one another, how to help the Gospel get to new countries, etc…

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