2008-05-30 The Brief


Eric Bryant did an interesting post a while back entitled Why Homophobia is So Gay.  I think he offers some good insight into how we should handle what I expect to be an inevitable norm, not just in America but globally as well.  As for me I think we need to start thinking beyond constitutional amendments if we hope to engage this and a host of other issues that are on the horizon.  I have not listened to the sermons that his post links to, although if I ever have the time, which I doubt, I will listen to them and post my thoughts here.

Derek Brown has done a fantastic post detailing How to Waste Your Theological Education this is a must read for all who are currently attending or plan to attend seminary.

Ed Stetzer (also here) discusses technology in the church and has some good insights as well as some great questions for discussion in his recent post Technolochurch.



First Things has an interesting and incredibly lengthy article entitled Zionism for Christians.

Just for Fun

Condoleezza Rice joins the Kiss Army.

Simply Amazing


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