Outlining Philippians

Last year I began to study through Philippians and really slacked off during the school semester.  I am trying to get back in the habit of the consistent study and translation of Scripture and I spent most of the day outlining the book of Philippians.  Below is the outline I have settled on, which I hope proves as fruitful for your own study as I hope it will for mine.

I.          Prologue (1:1-2)

II.         Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer (1:3-11)

            A.        Thanksgiving for Their Partnership in the Gospel (1:3-8)

            B.        Prayer for Their Spiritual Maturity (1:9-11)

III.        Paul’s Joy in the Advancement of the Gospel (1:12-26)

            A.        Through His Situation (1:12-14)

            B.        By Others Regardless of Motive (1:15-18b)

            C.        In His Bodily Witness (1:18c-26)

IV.       Exhortation to Live Worthy of the Gospel (1:27-2:18)

            A.        Stand Firm amidst Suffering (1:27-30)

            B.        Serve Humbly like Christ (2:1-11)

            C.        Shine as Lights in the World (2:12-18)

V.        Paul’s Plans Concerning His Companions (2:19-30)

            A.        Timothy (2:19-24)

            B.        Epaphroditus (2:25-30)

VI.       Miscellaneous Exhortations (3:1-4:9)

            A.        Towards Righteousness in Christ (3:1-4:1)

            B.        Towards Unity (4:2-3)

            C.        Towards Joy and Confidence in the Lord (4:4-7)

            D.        Towards Dwelling and Acting upon Truth (4:8-9)

VII.      Paul’s Joy and Continued Thanks (4:10-20)

            A.        In Divine Contentment (4:10-13)

            B.        For Godly Partnership (4:14-20)

VIII.     Conclusion (4:21-23)


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