2007-06-27 The Brief


            The Much Exaggerated Death of Europe by First Things and Think Again: Europe by Foreign Policy take opposing positions on the future of the European Union.

            The Failed States Index 2007 takes a look at the worlds weakest nation states and the effects they have on global politics, trade, etc.

            The Hidden Pandemic examines rising global crime rates.

            The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers examines the future of democracy in the post-Cold War era.

            Campaign 2008:  Foreign Affairs begins their series of essays by the top presidential candidates, beginning with Renewing American Leadership by Barack Obama and Rising to a New Generation of Global Challenges by Mitt Romney.


            Death and Politics  First Things tackles the subject of death and what it says about our culture.  “The deepest roots of a civilization are in its funerals and memorials.  The dead define culture.”


            I am both Muslim and Christian The story of Rev. Ann Holmes Redding has been everywhere as of late but the fact that anyone would take a person making such a claim seriously just baffles me.  This, however, provides massive insights into our culture, namely that the law of non-contradiction is distinctively tied to modernity and thus postmodernity is freed from this burden and free to contradict itself at will.  As for my two cents, she is neither Muslim nor Christian and her claim trivializes both.


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