A Brief Respite from Finals Week

This is the last week of class at TMS and next week is finals week so I do not have time to post much. However, I thought I would pass along an interesting post from the Logos Bible Software Blog entitled Smokers Drive Up Costs of Bibles the article is both interesting and contains a very humorous photo, enjoy. I would also recommend that you go to Mark Driscoll’s blog and watch The Banned Church Planting Video it is only eight minutes and worth the time.


4 thoughts on “A Brief Respite from Finals Week

  1. Keith –

    I watched that video yesterday. I agreed with everything that was said. However, I’m curious about what you (and others) think about the manner in which he said these things. Personally, I found some of his comments a bit off color. I think we can teach about biblical truth apart from using crude language (i.e. “banging his girlfriend”). Is this acceptable for Christians to be so flippant with their speech? What about Matt. 12:36; Eph. 4:29; Col. 3:8. Just food for thought. Overall, I appreciate the principles Driscoll gave in that video.

  2. Chase I definitely agree. I am very thankful that he has matured beyond the “Mark the cursing pastor” stage and I think he has realized the error of that past error. However I do think he could phrase things better and when reading his books there have definitely been points where I would phrase things differently.

    I have downloaded his series on Song of Soloman as I was interested to hear how he preached it.

  3. Last year at Ethos we took everyone through the yelo experience. Hope you like the updates from our conference at Mosaic this week!

  4. Thanks for posting those links.
    I found Driscoll’s words refreshing. Just says it: “If you win the men, you win the battle.”
    The seminary here seems to have given up hope of winning the men and instead argues that we need to make women elders in order to fill the void created by the lack of men. One of the most active churches in Waco is led by a woman pastor who many feel is the best preacher and is one of the best examples of ministry among all the pastors in town. Puts many of the men to shame. I’m in the minority arguing that her position isn’t Scripturally correct, but I admit that there aren’t many men here who match how much she does as a pastor. Driscoll is spot-on.

    Also, I’d really appreciate your and Chase’s thoughts on a couple of recent posts about church over at my blog. The one on free-riders and the one on non-homogeneity. I don’t post on church life much, but these are things I’ve been thinking about for a while.

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