A Tragic Reminder of the Human Condition

After the tragic Virginia Tech massacre yesterday news sites everywhere, I think Der Spiegel’s article A Chronicle of the Worst Rampages Ever issues an important reminder, that such senseless violence is not limited to a particular country, a particular age group, nor a particular time in history; it is a tragic aspect of the human condition. Already and in the days that will follow there is sure to be much critical discussion on how such tragedies can be avoided. As followers of Christ, we must remind ourselves that while gun control, intensified security, and other precautions may control the symptoms of this condition they do not address the cause, man’s sin, to which the Gospel is the only answer.


4 thoughts on “A Tragic Reminder of the Human Condition

  1. Good point. I posted on this over at igniteuk.blogspot.com if anyone cares to read.

    We must be concerned about addressing the root cause….sin!

  2. Thanks for pointing out this article. The human condition is broken all across the planet.

    Your comment on my blog on “The Extreme Future” was right on: sharing Christ in a way that others from different religious backgrounds and different ideaologies can embrace is critical.

  3. A quote of interest:
    “Early in the twentieth century, Baptist evangelists preached through rural Mississippi and Alabama with such effectiveness that moonshiners could no longer sell their whiskey: All their customers were getting converted! In desperation, the whiskey sellers hired two men to murder one of the leading Baptist preachers.

    Pistols in their hands, the assassins waited in the dark outside a country church where their target was preaching. The evangelist spoke with burning intensity about heaven and hell, his voice ringing out into the night. When everyone had gone, he turned out the church lights and stepped outside. The killers approached him, pistols in hand.

    But instead of shooting the evangelist, they handed him their guns. “We came here to kill you, but we couldn’t,” they said. “We heard your preaching and we believed it. We’re now on the same side.”

    That story was told to me years ago by a pastor in Alabama. The Baptist evangelist was his grandfather. The story stayed with me. It is compelling drama and a parable of our position in an increasingly dangerous and demoralized world. Either we evangelize our generation with new power or its members are going to kill us. The bad guys are waiting for us ‘out there,’ and intend to do us in … We need an evangelism with enough strength to get the bad guys before they get us.” – C. John Miller (Powerful Evangelism for the Powerless, Revised Edition of Evangelism and Your Church, Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1997, p. 1-2.)

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