2007-04-03 The Brief

Ed Stetzer on the Gospel

Since the nature of the Gospel and how it should be presented has been the talk of late I was thrilled to read Ed Stetzer’s new post Beginning Conversation about Christ.

We Built this City

Sorry, about the reference to cheesy rock music but World Magazine has a good article up profiling “10 unique urban centers, the people who make them thrive, and those whose life calling is to make them better.” As the article, Street Smart, points out most of us live in cities and so the article should be of a particular interest to us all.

Bio Fueling Starvation

Foreign Affairs has an article addressing the possible ramification of pursuing biofuel as a gasoline alternative entitled How Biofuels Could Starve the Poor. Taking agriculture classes in college I was required to participate in a debate on this issue and all of the research that I found on the subject clearly presented biofuels as an unsustainable alternative to gasoline. This is due to both the land mass needed to create such fuels and their exorbitant production costs, so much so that tractors on ethanol farms use gasoline rather than ethanol. I had never thought of the possible effects such fuels could have on the world food market and this article presents us with those effects.

A German Critique of American Megachurches

Der Spiegel which has had a great string of articles on religion during the past months has another one and the title says it all Karaoke for the Lord: The Recipe for Success at American Megachurches.

From the article:

The megachurches mushrooming in the United States are mammoth feel-good temples providing entertainment for one and all. The ministers used to deliver weekly jeremiads excoriating homosexuality, feminism and abortion, but many — particularly younger evangelists — are now using the pulpit to preach about Africa and the environment.

Noting the rapid expanse of megachurches in America, doubling since the year 2000, the author exclaims:

Because Americans will switch churches when they find one that suits them better (even if it’s only the time of the service), the rapid growth rate indicates that these modern cathedrals are meeting a social need.


2 thoughts on “2007-04-03 The Brief

  1. Loved the post about the American Mega Church….can anyone really deny that Joel Olsten has been so succesfful because he caters to the people?

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