2007-02-20 The Brief

Anglicanism and Catholicism to Reunite?

Here is the interesting story from The Times on the subject.

A Book to Watch

After the success of Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion, Victor J. Stenger’s provocatively titled God: The Failed Hypothesis How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist by is sure to make waves.

Question of the Day: Is Morality Nonsense?

The Puritans thought so.[1] “Civility is not purity, a man may be clothed with moral virtues — justice, prudence, temperance — and yet go to hell. If we want to be pure in heart, then we must not rest in outward purity.[2]” “Civility does but wash a man, grace changes him. . . . Civility is but strewing flowers on a dead corpse. A man may be wonderfully moralized, yet but a tame devil.[3]” “Nor indeed do I know of anything which doth more threaten the undermining of true Christianity . . . than the putting of moral virtues into legal dress.[4]”What do you think?

[1] I do acknowledge that there is a slight discrepancy between what the Puritans said and what they did, but their opinion on this subject stands nevertheless.
[2] Watson, Thomas. The Beatitudes
[3] Ibid.
[3] Willard, Samuel. Morality Not to Be Relied on for Life


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