2007-02-06 The Brief

Inspired by Justin Sok and the Foreign Policy Passport I have decided to do a bi-weekly brief to share interesting/pertinent articles that I read online. I hope this proves worthwhile and educational.

A Calvinist Faces Death
David Van Biema, of Time Magazine, interviews Dr. Albert Mohler concerning his recent health crisis. This article is brief and encouraging, especially for those who have or are going through similar circumstances. Although in our Biblically illiterate culture the title did surprise me.

Has Globalization Passed Its Peak?
Foreign Affairs examines the future global economic landscape, as it pertains to globalization and free trade, in light of rising economic nationalism. This is important because globalization has as much to do with the free trade of commodities as it does with the free exchange of information and ideas; its ramifications are both economical and ideological.

The Power of Faith
Der Spiegel has a series of interesting and thought provoking articles on religion; I appreciate reading about religion from a different perspective. The Atlas of the World’s Great Religions is especially interesting


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