Ecclesiology in Dialogue — A Proposition

Recently I have been engaged in a conversation with several friends about the essential nature of the church and its implications. I want to continue that dialogue here and I hope you will help. In one of my early seminary classes we were asked to write a paper answering the question “What is the irreducible ecclesiological minimum?” That is the basically question I want to ask here; however, rather than tackle such a massive question in one post I want to divide it up into several smaller questions, that as a whole will answer the larger one.

I want you to post what you think those smaller questions should be. After this I will do another post where we can discuss the ordering of the questions as well as the validity of the questions. Then I will post each question individually and we will set out to answer them.

At this point I am not looking for anyone to justify the validity of their question I just want the questions themselves. Please read the other comments so that questions are not repeated. Please do not criticize questions posted by others. Feel free to post as many questions as you like, just make sure to leave a blank line between them so that they are easier to catalogue. Comments that do not conform to these guidelines will be deleted. I look forward to reading your comments and I hope this will be a beneficial dialogue. I will begin by posting the first question.