I Cannot Believe I am Endorsing Apple

Wow, first, I have not posted in quite a while and yet I have posted twice today.  Second, both posts have been about topics that I am not particularly fond of.  Just to give you an idea of what a shock this is to me: there is only one Apple product in my house and we received it free.  Whenever QuickTime updates and automatically installs iTunes, I immediately delete iTunes, in order to have a minimal number of Apple programs running on my PC.  Call me a PC fanboy but I am just not big on Apple.

Why then am I writing this post?  Because Apple has just released a new feature to its iTunes store called iTunes U.  At iTunes U, you can watch classes from a host of schools like Duke, MIT, Stanford, and Yale.  What I am excited about are the free classes from Reformed Theological Seminary, like the 26 session Christian Apologetics class by John Frame.  So if you have iTunes check these resources out.  If you do not have iTunes download it and check these resources out.  Have no fears Windows Media Player you are still my dedicated media player.


4 thoughts on “I Cannot Believe I am Endorsing Apple

  1. Keith,
    I am not ignoring your comment on my Facebook wall about what my plans are…they are just a little fuzzy and complicated. I would be glad to fill you in sometime.

    Secondly, you really need to get into the 21st century buddy. iTunes, QuickTime, and really all things Mac are far superior to Windows. If it weren’t for the affordability factor, every computer I own would be a Mac. In fact, the only thing I really miss about my last church is my MacBook Pro. haha. (just kidding…..but that’s almost true).

    I do love the iTunes U though. It’s great.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Video games bro video games . . . I don’t see any good games coming out for Mac they are all on PC. LOL

    Anyways I will try to give you a shout this week.

  3. oh, well that explains it then. i have never in my life owned a video game system. therefore, i wouldn’t understand. lol

    talk to you later.

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