The Shepherds’ Conference 2007

Sadly, John Piper was unable to come to this years Shepherds’ Conference, due to the death of his father. I would encourage you all to read his journal entry on this event. Hello, My Father Just Died

The conference has been great so far. Steve Lawson’s sermon on Apostolic preaching was phenomenal, I love his passionate exposition of God’s Word, he is one of my favorite expositors and his sermon issued a much needed exhortation and call for passionate preaching in a time when exposition is often associated with boring unaffected preaching. Ligon Duncan continues to amaze me with his profound understanding of the Old Testament, his sermon at Together for the Gospel on the preaching from the Old Testament issued a huge challenge for me, and it was encouraging to hear him preach from the Old Testament in a way that brings the truth to life for believers today. Al Mohler, as always, brought it and his exposition of I Corinthians 2:1-5 was fantastic, I highly recommend reading his introduction to anyone who will be reading Corinthians soon as it does a wonderful job of setting the cultural context in which that church existed. Mark Dever’s message was one that all American Evangelical’s need to hear. He soberly warned the pastors that they need to prepare for the coming persecution and that they need to prepare their churches for the coming persecution lest they all fall away. I especially enjoyed his exhortation that pastors should prepare their wives to be pastor’s widows. I was incredibly thankful that he called the men to cease their reliance on Evangelical political activism to protect them from persecution and to begin relying on the Sovereign hand of God to uphold them during the persecution that is sure to come. Below are links to Tim Challies blog entries on the main sessions at the conference, if you have time please read them all. I will also be posting my notes from Dan Dumas’ lecture “Creativity Without Compromise: How to be Innovative Without Being Seeker Sensitive” and I hope you will read them and be as encouraged as I was.

Session I: John MacArthur “Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is a Pre-Millennialist”
Session II: Steve Lawson “The Passion and the Power of Apostolic Preaching” Acts 2:14-21
Session III: C. J. Mahaney Isaiah 66:1-2
Session IV: Ligon Duncan Numbers 5:11-31 (I Corinthians 10:1-13)
Q&A Session
Session V: Al Mohler I Corinthians 2:1-5
Session VI: Mark Dever The Book of Daniel
Keynote Panel
Session VII: John MacArthur Luke 18


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