The Evangelical Impact on American Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs has an informative article, God’s Country?, describing the current and historical relationship between American Evangelicals and American foreign policy. Below is their description of the article. I hope you find it informative and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

“Religion has always been a major force in U.S. politics, but the recent surge in the number and the power of evangelicals is recasting the country’s political scene — with dramatic implications for foreign policy. This should not be cause for panic: evangelicals are passionately devoted to justice and improving the world, and eager to reach out across sectarian lines.”


1 thought on “The Evangelical Impact on American Foreign Policy

  1. Geez, what a detailed account of the various forms of Christianity in the U.S. Pretty comprehensive.
    The people who stand to learn the most from this article, and to dislike it the most, are people outside the U.S.

    In Europe, for example, they don’t debate moral issues anymore and religion plays almost no part in their societies. They’re paranoid about Americans who tend to be “religous,” and can’t understand us at all.

    It makes the world even more paranoid that we have a President who is a self-proclaimed evangelical. That drives everyone nuts.

    The article does a good job of showing that religion has always played a part in our foundation as a country, and that’s going to affect our foreign policy too.

    I felt like it had a good conservative slant to it.

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