What are you talking about?

The two most frequent comments I receive about my blog are, “I do not read your blog because it is too complicated (or intellectual)” and “What is your blog supposed to be about?” My goal in writing this post is to, as simply as possible, explain what my blog is about and why it is important. I did a long series of posts on this when I began bogging; but this will be far shorter and simpler.

What is the ecumenical monoculture?

As previously defined, the ecumenical monoculture is a single, homogeneous culture without diversity or dissension; a culture unified in thought and purpose. Simply stated it is the inevitable result of the evil system of this world, a global state of pluralistic postmodernism devoid of absolute truth. Now, let me show you why this is true.

First, comes the Biblical understanding that we live amidst an evil world system ruled by Satan (II Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:1-2, Colossians 2:8, and I John 5:19). Secondly, all false teaching originates from Satan and the demonic forces of this world; subsequently submission to such beliefs is tantamount to Satan worship (Matthew 16:23, I Corinthians 10:20, Galatians 1:8-9, I Timothy 4:1, and I John 4:3). Every world religion and philosophical system, other than the one presented in Scripture, originates from Satan, and aims at his praise. We therefore live in a world unified in hostile opposition of God and worship of Satan (Romans 5:10, Philippians 3:18, and Colossians 1:21). There are only two sides to this conflict; there are no neutral parties (Matthew 12:30). This homogeneous system of evil, unified in opposing God, is the ecumenical monoculture.

Secondly, the unity and homogeneity of this evil system will only increase over time. While this evil world system is unified in opposition to God, there is much variety within this system. However, Scripture presents this system as working its way toward unvarying unity. Whether this will take the form of postmodernism or some other life philosophy or religion, we cannot be sure. Nevertheless, we can be sure that we live amongst an evil world system and we must stand, with the Gospel of the glory of Christ, against its unification.

For more on this I would recommend reading the 2000 SBC Resolution On The Threat Of New Age Globalism.


4 thoughts on “What are you talking about?

  1. That SBC resolution is something that Jack Van Impe and John Hagee would seek to pass. The world has grown smaller yes, but the anti christ is not going to be the EU.

  2. Whew!
    I thought for a minute you were standing against the eunuchal monoculture. I was wondering what they ever did to you. It all makes much more sense now. thanks!

    “but this will be far shorter. . .”
    – no pun intended, right?

  3. Eunichah, yeah that would have been hilarious.

    Sok, I wish I were smart enough to know who those guys were.

    Basically the point of the post is that I think we should pay attention to the exportation of postmodern/naturalistic thought.

  4. “While this evil world system is unified in opposition to God, there is much variety within this system. However, Scripture presents this system as working its way toward unvarying unity.”

    Again, the only “unvarying unity” i see the system working toward is simply in its unified opposition to God.
    I think it keeps its variety up until the end. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any wars or language/culture barriers, etc. Instead, we know that wars and barriers will increase until The End.
    I think the “one world government” of Revelation is very short lived. It appears doomed and peacemeal from the start.

    Besides that, it appears from my reading of the text that there are huge systematic breakdowns. There are things about that Revelation world (and Ezekiel, and Daniel) that look nothing like today’s world. It’s almost like civilization and even technology entirely collapses to create that world.

    That’s just my take on it, it might be kind of a moot point.

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