Together for the Gospel

This week I have had the privilege of attending Together for the Gospel, A Conference and Conversation for Pastors and Preachers hosted by Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, Albert Mohler. Rather than recount the experience to you I want to point you towards several important resources.

First, the Together for the Gospel website.

Second, the Together for the Gospel Blog.

Third, the Sovereign Grace Store where you can purchase individual audio messages or the complete MP3 CD for only $11.00 this is quite a bargain.

Fourth, the blog of Tim Challies, the official live blog during Together for the Gospel. Below are Tim’s live blogs for each session his notes are fantastically detailed and I recommended you read them.

Also, I have been posting quite infrequently as of late and I plan to do several substantial posts during the coming weeks. So stay tuned and give feedback.


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