My Wishlist

For all of you who are chomping at the bit to buy something for me here is my wishlist. Sometime I will try to divide it into a list of books I need for Seminary and books I just want to read.


Ames, William.  The Marrow of Theology

Barth, Karl.  Church Dogmatics

Bavnick, Herman.  Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena (vol.1)

________.  Reformed Dogmatics: God and Creation (vol.2)

Berkhof, Louis.  Systematic Theology

________.  History of Christian Doctrines

Boice, James M.  Foundations of the Christian Faith

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich.  Cost of Discipleship

Bloom, Allan.  The Closing of the American Mind

Brown, Peter.  Augustine of Hippo

Cahill, Mark.  One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey into Eternity

Clowney, Edmund P.  The Church (Contours of Christian Theology)

________.  Preaching Christ in All of Scripture

________.  The Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament

Couch, Mal.  An Introduction to Classical Evangelical Hermeneutics: A Guide to the History and Practice of Biblical Interpretation

Cowper, William.  The Poems of William Cowper

Dempski, William.  Design Inference

Edwards, Jonathan.  To The Rising Generation

________.  The Blank Bible (The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series, Volume 24)

Hatch, Edwin.  The Organization of the Early Christian Churches

Helm, Paul.  The Providence of God (Contours of Christian Theology)

Hirsch, E. D.  Validity in Interpretation

Greidanus, Sidney.  Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: A Contemporary Hermeneutical Method

Gerstner, Edna.  Jonathan and Sarah an Uncommon Union

Gerstner, John H.  Theology in Dialogue

________.  The Rational Biblical theology of Jonathan Edwards

Goldsworthy, Graeme.  Preaching the Whole Bible As Christian Scripture: The Application of Biblical Theology to Expository Preaching

________.  Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics: Foundations and Principles of Evangelical Biblical Interpretation

Kuyper, Abraham and James D. Bratt.  Abraham Kuyper: A Centennial Reader

Letham, Robert.  The Work of Christ (Contours of Christian Theology)

Littell, Franklin H.  The Anabaptist View of the Church (Dissent and Nonconformity)

MacArthur, John.  How To Get The Most From God’s Word

________.  How to Meet The Enemy

________.  Introduction To Biblical Counseling

________.  Kingdom Living: Here and now

________.  Marks of a Healthy Church

________.  Our Sufficiency In Christ

________.  Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry

________.  The Power of Integrity: Building a Life Without Compromise

________.  The Vanishing Consequence

________.  Walk Worthy

Macleod, Donald.  The Person of Christ (Contours of Christian Theology)

McBeth, Leon H.  The Baptist Heritage: Four Centuries of Baptist Witness

Metzger, Bruce M. Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament

Nettles, Tom.  Baptists: Key People Involved in Forming a Baptist Identity (Beginnings in Britain)

Oberman, Heiko A.  Luther: Man Between God and the Devil

Ortlund, Raymond C. Whoredom: God’s Unfaithful Wife in Biblical Theology (New Studies in Biblical Theology)

Parker, T. H. L.  John Calvin: A Biography

Piper, John.  A Godward Life: Savoring the Supremacy of God in All of Life

________.  The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God

________.  The Supremacy of God in Preaching

Schaeffer, Francis A.  Complete Works

Schreiner, Thomas R.  Paul, Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ: A Pauline Theology (Pauline Theology)

Schreiner, Thomas R. and Bruce A. Ware.  Still Sovereign: Contemporary Perspectives on Election, Foreknowledge, and Grace

Sherlock, Charles.  The Doctrine of Humanity (Contours of Christian Theology)

Sibbes, Richard.  The Bruised Reed (Puritan Paperbacks)

Sproul, R. C.  After Darkness Light

________.  Classical Apologetics

________.  Essential Truths of the Christian Faith

________.  Lifeviews

________.  The Consequence of Ideas

________.  What is Reformed Theology

Stewart, Matthew.  The Courier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World

Thomas, Robert L.  Evangelical Hermeneutics

Turretin, Francois.  Institutes of Elenctic Theology

Vaughan, Roberts.  God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Story-Line of the Bible

Verduin, Leonard.  The Anatomy of a Hybrid: A Study in Church-State Relationships

Vines, Jerry and James Shaddix.  Power in the Pulpit: How to Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons

Ware, Bruce A.  Their God Is Too Small: Open Theism and the Undermining of Confidence in God

Watts, Isaac.  Logic: The Right Use of Reason in the Inquiry After Truth

Wells, David F.  No Place For Truth or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology?

________.  God in the Wasteland: The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams

________.  Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision

Whitaker, William.  Disputations on Holy Scripture against the Papists, Especially Bellarmine and Stapleton

Pleasure Reasing/Fiction

Ambrose, Stephen E.  Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest

Bradbury, Ray.  Fahrenheit 451: A Novel

Dumas, Alexandre.  The Count of Monte Cristo________.  The Three MuskateersFaulkner, William.  Light In August

Huxley, Aldous.  Brave New World

Orwell, George.  Nineteen Eighty-Four

Winters, Dick.  Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memories of Major Dick Winters


3 thoughts on “My Wishlist

  1. What is your wishlist??? You want me to give you a copy of my paper for church planting a couple of years ago….”What is the Irreducible Eccliesological Minimum?” Was a good paper, you can add that to your library and really begin to build something.

    Hey, throw me some Theological topics….I have a paper to write and need a topic…something contrevorsial….dealing with Sin or the Person of Christ, or transmission of the soul, or even Image stuff.

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