Dueling Book Reviews

My past three posts have been exposition on texts dealing with false teaching and since it appears that, no one is reading them I am going to mix things up with a book review. For those of you who did not notice while my past three posts had the same title they dealt with different passages of Scripture, I am sure everyone is scrolling down to read them now. In my reviews I simply write reviews; I try not to draw points out of books because you would be better off reading the book and hearing it from the author. I simply want to point out the strengths and weaknesses of books that I enjoyed reading.

Be Intolerant Because Some Things Are Just Stupid

I was walking by the church library and saw this book and new I would love it, while secretly wishing I had written a book with that title. The back cover says it all “Our generation is being destroyed by manic tolerance.” Written by Ryan Dobson, who enjoys surfing and skateboarding, means that the book is loaded with language geared toward reaching today’s youth culture. However, I think this is a great book for everyone for several reasons. First, it teaches simple apologetic arguments suitable for anyone to learn and use to defend the Faith. Second, it presents solid arguments that will be useful in examining your own worldview. Third, the author unashamedly and vividly confronts the most popular worldview today, relativism (manic tolerance). Fourth, the title is truthful and frank, which I very much enjoy. In short, the book is straightforward, easy to read, and an excellent tool for defending the Faith and standing against the ecumenical monoculture.

Nine Marks Of A Healthy Church (Booklet)
Like the first book review I ever did, this is only a booklet review. However, if someone would like to purchase the full-blown book I would love to read and review it for you. The best part about the book review is the book is available for free download, in PDF format, here (it can also be purchased via this link). Written by Mark Dever, of Capital Hill Baptist Church and IX Marks Ministries, it is sure to be a great read. Mark begins by stating that, “These are not the only attributes of a healthy church. . . . The nine attributes discussed here are marks that may set a church apart, that may distinguish a sound, healthy, biblical church from many of its more sickly sisters. The nine marks discussed here are found too rarely today, and are therefore in special need of being brought to our attention and cultivated in our churches.” The nine attributes laid forth within this booklet are indeed rare and a necessity for a healthy church. I would obviously recommend this book to pastors; however, a Biblical understanding of what attributes distinguish healthy congregation are vital not only to pastors but their congregations as well. I recommend this book to everyone; whether leading a church, looking for a church, or actively involved in a church. The end of each chapter features several “Questions for Reflection” that will surely be of benefit to everyone who reads this booklet.
The only area where I felt there was room for improvement was the final chapter on a “Biblical Understanding of Leadership.” Rather than lying forth, what a Biblical leadership structure looks like the author presents an argument distinguishing the Baptist and Presbyterian views of eldership. While I agree with his definition of Biblical eldership, the reader would be better served by defining a Biblical leadership structure that encompasses the major leadership roles described in Scripture.

3 thoughts on “Dueling Book Reviews

  1. Since the Nine Marks book is available online, I guess that means I don’t have to buy that one for you. hehehehe:) LOVE!!

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