Ecumenism at Work

I just heard this story today and was so disgusted and appalled by the ludicrous actions of the Judge Edward Cashman, of Vermont, that I had to inform you of this story. Cashman sentenced Mark Huelett to 60 days in jail for molesting a girl for a period of four years beginning when she was six. I cannot even express how absurdly ludicrous this is. How can 60 days in prison be a proportionate punishment for four years of child molestation?

“During the sentencing, Cashman said the best way to ensure public safety was to get Hulett out of prison so he could receive sex offender treatment.” How in the world can letting a self-confessing child molester loose be in the best interest of public safety? This is most assuredly a result of postmodern thought and ecumenism.

For more information you can read the whole story here Vermont asks judge to rethink sex offender’s 60-day sentence. Thankfully, the judge has been under extreme criticism after this ridiculous mockery of justice and last Thursday he increased the prison sentence to three to ten years. Even at that, this is absurd and should hardly be considered as justice. The story covering the sentence increase can be read here Judge, under fire, increases sentence for sex offender.


1 thought on “Ecumenism at Work

  1. although I do vaguely see the judge’s original point…six months is a joke. more like: you spend twenty years in prison (no parole), and then be forced to endure the hardships of functioning in society as a sex offender.

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